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EMSCULPT NEO for Body Sculpting

Dr. Divya Javvaji, MD
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No matter how well you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine, it can be hard to obtain your ultimate fitness goals. It’s part of being human: all of us have different genetics, predispositions, and problem areas when it comes to muscle and fat.

Today, there are many body contouring treatment options that support people’s fitness and weight goals, no matter what they may be. There’s one treatment that not only delivers aesthetic results but also ensures stronger, more toned muscles after just one session.

It’s called Emsculpt NEO. Whether you’ve heard of it or not, there are many physical benefits you’ll want to learn about. Read on to see what Emsculpt NEO for body sculpting is all about. 

What is Body Sculpting?

Body sculpting or “body contouring” is any procedure that helps reshape a specific area of the body. There are medical, surgical, and non-invasive body sculpting treatments that range in cost, risk level, and utility.

These types of treatments typically result in:

  • Tighter skin
  • Reduced fat
  • Toned muscles
  • Supported reshaping of the body

Adults of all genders, life phases, body shapes, and backgrounds pursue body sculpting treatments for various reasons. While there’s no “quick fix” to changing your body, these treatments can be effective in supporting your fitness goals and confidence.

How is EMSCULPT NEO Different from Other Body Sculpting Treatments?

Emsculpt NEO is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that is growing in popularity, and rightly so. It’s safe, scientifically proven, and requires zero recovery time post-treatment. 

The main difference between Emsculpt NEO and other body contouring treatments such as CoolSculpt, injections, laser lipolysis, and surgical options is that this is not a single treatment that reduces fat. Emsculpt NEO uses two therapies that work synergistically to reduce fat and strengthen muscle all at once. No needles are required.

These two therapies are called radiofrequency (RF) and high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy. Radiofrequency fat reduction works alongside the star of the treatment, HIFEM, which is known for muscle building. There’s no other treatment quite like it.

Does EMSCULPT NEO Actually Build Muscle?

Emsculpt NEO is an advanced version of its predecessor, Emsculpt. The original Emsculpt procedure only used high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to strengthen muscles, whereas the updated version, Emsculpt NEO, uses radio frequency to burn fat in addition. 

Using MRI scans, one study on HIFEM therapy for abdominal body shaping showed a 15% increase in patient muscle tissue thickness after treatment. HIFEM is part of Emsculpt NEO that works the muscles into being stronger and more refined. 

How EMSCULPT NEO Promotes Muscle Growth

The HIFEM energy used in Emsculpt NEO utilizes electromagnetic waves to emit strong supramaximal contractions into the treated area of the body. This works to stimulate muscle contractions that tighten and release your muscles rapidly. It’s similar but even more powerful than your muscles could contract during a workout.

Over time, the muscle fibers that receive HIFEM energy grow and strengthen, just as they would in response to resistance training. The increase in strength helps not only tone and shape targeted muscles but can also help relieve some conditions such as back pain or temporary injury. 

Today, athletes have utilized the benefits of Emsculpt NEO to ensure greater core strengthening, improved stability, and targeted training in areas such as the arms and legs. 

How Long Does it Take to See EMSCULPT NEO Results?

Patients often receive at least four treatments of Emsculpt NEO, each session being about 5-7 weeks apart. This gives the body time to recover before follow-up treatments. In the meantime, the treated area continues burning fat and building muscle tone.

The best results are seen 1-3 months after the final treatment. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid future weight gain, the results are most often permanent. 

Muscular Side Effects from EMSCULPT NEO

Because Emsculpt NEO is an FDA-cleared technology with multiple scientific studies published with results, the side effects and risks have been thoroughly evaluated. 

Fortunately, Emsculpt NEO requires zero downtime or post-treatment protocols. Patients can typically go about their day immediately after treatment. The only minor side effect is mild, bearable muscle soreness, similar to after an intense workout. 

Results: Improved Muscle Mass and Fat Reduction 

You can expect to see enhanced muscle definition and more fat reduction in just a few weeks after your Emsculpt NEO treatment. 

Ideal results appear in about four weeks when the muscles have had time to recover and rebuild from the stress of contractions. It also takes time for the permanently destroyed fat to be slowly removed from the body through its natural processes. 

See more of the science and results behind this powerful muscle-building treatment. Don’t miss: The Ultimate Guide to Emsculpt NEO

Treatment Areas for EMSCULPT NEO 

Emsculpt NEO is FDA-approved to treat several areas of the body:

  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Calves

If there’s a specific area of your body that you think would benefit from Emsculpt NEO muscle growth, talk with a professional provider. They can help you explore your options according to your fitness goals. 

Do You Have to Be a Certain Weight to Get an EMSCULPT NEO Treatment?

Nearly any body type can benefit from Emsculpt NEO. Some patients receive Emsculpt NEO to help them on their weight loss journeys; others get treatment for small stubborn areas they want to be more refined.

The only limitations to Emsculpt NEO treatments are:

  • Patients within normal to high BMI ranges are great candidates. However, a BMI over 35 is not ideal. 
  • Patients within ~30 pounds of their ideal weight tend to see the best results from Emsculpt NEO. 
  • Patients should not get Emsculpt NEO treatments if they have internal screws, plates, or a metal IUD, or if they have a pacemaker. Emsculpt technology interferes with these items. 

If you have questions about whether or not Emsculpt is for you, talk to your doctor or Emsculpt provider.

How to Get the Most Out of EMSCULPT NEO Body Sculpting

It’s important to remember that like any other cosmetically-enhancing treatment, the best thing you can do to manage weight and muscle mass is to live a healthy lifestyle. 

That said, there are several ways you can encourage optimal results from Emsculpt NEO regarding muscular toning and body shaping. 

  • Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated encourages muscle growth, fat loss, and healthy metabolism.
  • Get enough sleep. Many of your body’s natural recovery processes happen during sleep, which is essential in between physical stress and treatment.
  • Continue a regular fitness routine. Combining Emsculpt NEO with regular physical activity is highly beneficial. Cardio and strength training continues to burn fat and build muscle while the Emsculpt NEO treatment provides added support. 
  • Eat a healthy diet. Limit excess caloric intake and make sure to eat foods that balance your blood sugar, nourish your body, and satisfy your health requirements. Talk with your healthcare provider about healthy dietary options.
  • Take before and after photos. While taking photos won’t affect results, it will surely reveal objective results. Most patients don’t notice the subtle but ongoing changes with maintenance treatments until they observe the final before and after.

Last but not least, make sure you get Emsculpt NEO treatment from a certified, experienced professional. Because this two-in-one treatment is delivered through medical machinery, your provider must be trained and competent to operate it. They will also be able to guide you through the best treatment plan available. 

EMSCULPT NEO Options for Building Muscle: Prime MD Plus

Whether you’re looking to sculpt your muscles, eliminate fat, or both, Emsculpt NEO is a promising treatment.

At Prime MD Plus, we provide a unique experience for patients looking to reap the benefits of Emsculpt NEO. Our medical doctors combine their expertise in geriatrics, internal medicine, and non-invasive cosmetic procedures to deliver the optimal treatment plan for your body’s needs. 

Reach out to Prime MD Plus to learn more about Emsculpt NEO for muscle sculpting and weight loss. We’re here to help you on your path to physical and wellness transformation.

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