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EMSCULPT NEO Body Shaping Results

Dr. Divya Javvaji, MD
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You might have heard about Emsculpt NEO in the news, on social media, or from a friend. It’s recently been noted as the only non-invasive body sculpting procedure that can give you abs and help you lose weight. It’s safe and effective enough for nearly everyone: adult athletes, supermodels, busy moms, retired men, seniors, and everyone in between. 

Is the hype about Emsculpt NEO real? What’s the science behind this procedure? What are the real before and after outcomes you can expect? If you’re curious about Emsculpt NEO in any way, keep reading. Here’s an overview of the impressive, real Emsculpt NEO body shaping results.

What is the EMSCULPT NEO Treatment?

Emsculpt NEO is a slightly more advanced and comprehensive body contouring treatment than its successor, the Emsculpt treatment, which was developed to help patients build muscle. Since building muscle encourages gradual fat loss, the Emsculpt alone is known as a useful muscle strengthening and weight loss therapy.

How Emsculpt Works

The original Emsculpt treatment uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to strengthen targeted muscles without surgery or movement during the procedure. Initially used as a way to increase core strength, HIFEM energy has been scientifically backed and supported with both cosmetic and functional results. 

The electromagnetic waves emit powerful contractions into the muscles, actively tightening and strengthening the body on command. The muscles underneath the treatment site pulse and release with these contractions, signaling the body to start repairing the stressed muscles. It’s like a workout, except you only have to sit still.

Adding RF Energy for Fat Loss

The upgraded Emsculpt NEO treatment comes with the same powerful benefits of HIFEM energy, but with an extra supportive fat reduction bonus: radio frequency energy. 

Radiofrequency energy, or RF energy, uses heat and vibration to destroy unwanted fat cells while HIFEM energy stimulates muscle cells. Thus, Emsculpt NEO is an ideal fat-burning, muscle-toning treatment that’s fully non-invasive and safe while delivering optimal results. 

Want the details on how it works? Check out The Ultimate Guide to Emsculpt NEO to learn more.

How Does Emsculpt NEO Result in Body Shaping?

Emsculpt NEO treatments eliminate subcutaneous fat, which is the fat you can squeeze and feel under your skin. At the same time, Emsculpt NEO treatments build muscle through involuntary muscle contractions, which are more powerful than the body's natural processes in response to working out. 

Treatments result in body shaping just like a series of intense strength exercises in the gym:

  • Burn off excess fat cells
  • Naturally build muscle 
  • Repair strained muscles with new muscle cells
  • Target stubborn fat in the treated area

When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, Emsculpt NEO can result in permanent fat loss and noticeably stronger muscle tone.

Are Emsculpt NEO Results Instant?

Within the cosmetic body sculpting industry, Emsculpt NEO is known for its instant results. 

Fashion model and entrepreneur Olivia Culpo unashamedly shared that she receives Emsculpt NEO treatment to support her fitness routine, especially post-pandemic. When asked about the procedure and its results, she said: 

“You feel and see the difference immediately — I truly did. I was sore the next day. I could see more [muscle] definition. I could see that my body had been sweating… It’s really like going to the gym.” 

However, the best results are often seen after several months, as the body has more time to eliminate destroyed fat cells and continue building muscle mass over time. This is what makes Emsculpt NEO an ideal, non-surgical solution to body contouring and muscle building. The results get better as time goes by, especially for patients who maintain regular workouts.

How Long Does it Take to Get the Best Emsculpt NEO Results?

While there are noticeable results after only one treatment, more significant results are typically seen after 2 months of Emsculpt NEO sessions. 

In a study of 22 patients given the Emsculpt body shaping treatment, MRI scans proved an average of 15% increase in muscle thickness after only four treatments. 

Fat Reduction Results Using EMSCULPT NEO 

Many patients notice an initial reduction in fat loss after about three weeks. Of course, everyone’s body is different and the results will vary based on your body type, treatment protocols, and lifestyle. 

Whether you’re on a weight loss journey and want to get rid of the last area of stubborn fat that exercise can’t seem to shed, or you simply want to spend less time in the gym, Emsculpt NEO is one of the most innovative non-surgical body treatments available. 

EMSCULPT NEO for Improved Muscle Tone

Not all patients who receive Emsculpt NEO are focused on fat loss, although that’s one of the top benefits of the treatment. Some people utilize Emsculpt NEO for strengthening their muscles and supporting the functional purposes of their bodies.

When it comes to using Emsculpt NEO for building a stronger core, benefits include:

  • Decrease in lower back pain caused by weak abdominal muscles
  • Can help treat diastasis recti (abdominal separation)
  • Improved posture
  • Better form during exercise and daily movement
  • Reduction in belly fat to encourage muscle definition 

Young adults, seniors, and people of all genders and lifestyles can benefit from Emsculpt NEO for muscle tone.

How to Get Better Results With Emsculpt NEO

Thinking about getting Emsculpt NEO treatments? To make the most out of the process, here are a few guidelines.

  • Make sure you get treatment from a qualified professional.
  • Complete your Emsculpt NEO treatment plan as suggested by your provider.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle including a balanced diet, regular strength exercises, and watching your calories.
  • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water both pre- and post-treatment.
  • Consider massage and gentle foam rolling practices to support your lymphatic system.

As always, make sure you talk with your medical provider if you have any questions or concerns about how this cosmetic treatment can work for you. 

Is Emsculpt NEO Body Shaping Right for You?

Whether you prefer the fat reduction benefits or simply want to strengthen and tone specific muscles, Emsculpt NEO can offer support. There's no age limit for adults. Plus, because the procedure comes with zero recovery time and minimal side effects, it's highly effective for most patients.  

Wondering if Emsculpt NEO is a good option to help you reach your health and fitness goals? Our medical doctor will work with you to optimize your diet and exercise routine while offering supportive benefits from every Emsculpt NEO session. 

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