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Imagine finally being able to shed those last stubborn inches of weight that you’ve been working for months to lose at the gym. Or maybe you’re new to weight loss but know you need a head start to stay motivated for the long run — and you discover a way to see real results starting within several weeks. But finding this solution without having to spend hours exercising every day? That seems too good to be true.

With Emsculpt NEO, it’s possible. Emsculpt NEO is a non-invasive, non-surgical body contouring treatment that shrinks excess fat and helps people build muscle. It’s a safe and effective procedure for adults of all ages and nearly all body types. 

Whether you’ve heard of it before or are unfamiliar with this weight loss option, keep reading. Here’s how Emsculpt NEO works, and how you can get the most out of a professional treatment no matter where you’re at on your fitness journey.

Emsculpt NEO: The Secret is in the Name

The name “Emsculpt” hints at the very method of treatment that makes this procedure work.

  • “EM” stands for electromagnetic energy used in the treatment process — specifically, high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEM). We’ll explain this more in depth below.
  • “Sculpt” stands for the end results that patients receive after Emsculpt NEO treatments: their bodies are more toned, sculpted, and defined, with a decrease in unwanted subcutaneous fat.

The original Emsculpt therapy utilized only HIFEM technology, which in itself is quite powerful and yields optimal results. With the newer Emsculpt NEO, an added therapy makes this a two-in-one, gentle yet powerful procedure. 

How Emsculpt NEO Body Sculpting Technology Works

There are two distinct technologies used in Emsculpt NEO: high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy and radiofrequency (RF) energy. Both work to complement each other and provide the best results for fat reduction, muscle building, and overall body shaping.

Remember: both of these types of technology are non-invasive, meaning there are no needles, injections, or blades used at any time during the procedure. Patients simply lay on a comfortable table and the Emsculpt NEO provider places two paddle-like devices on top of the skin. They then turn on a machine that uses advanced energy (HIFEM and RF) to deliver the treatment.

HIFEM Energy Initiates Muscle Building

The most notable fact about this treatment is that Emsculpt NEO builds muscle. Just like its successor, the original Emsulpt, the machine emits HIFEM energy under the skin which then stimulates involuntary muscle contractions on the treated area. These muscles rapidly tense and release through the duration of each session.

Supramaximal muscle contractions stimulated through Emsculpt NEO treatments promote muscle growth similar to that of an intense workout at the gym. However, these intense muscle contractions through Emsculpt are stronger than what the body's capable of replicating through manual contractions, meaning it delivers better results than a workout.

The body responds to these muscle contractions by repairing strained muscle fibers over time, which results in stronger, more defined muscle tone. 

RF Energy Helps Burn Fat

The biggest advancement of Emsculpt NEO compared to the original Emsculpt is the radiofrequency energy. Radiofrequency energy emits heat and vibration deep into the skin, which rapidly warms and damages excess fat cells. While it doesn't literally "melt" fat, this process induces the destruction of the excess fat cells. The body then gradually removes these dead fat cells through natural processes over time.

This RF technology is what makes Emsculpt NEO such an effective treatment for those wanting to lose weight. While there are other types of aesthetic equipment and body contouring treatments that utilize RF energy for fat burning, Emsculpt NEO combines it with the powerful muscle-strengthening procedure for the best results. 

Emsculpt NEO Equipment Overview

The Emsculpt NEO machine and equipment used are fairly simple, yet powerful.

  • There is a base machine that is about waist high. For easy portability, it rests on wheels.
  • Two paddles attach to the machine through tubes. These paddles are what deliver treatment to the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and other larger areas of the body.
  • Additional smaller-sized paddles are sometimes used for tighter areas of the body, such as the arms or calves.
  • The machine is plugged in through a power cord.

As long as your provider is licensed and trained to deliver treatment and they use the official Emsculpt NEO machine, you can expect quality results. 

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The Research Behind Emsculpt NEO

One thing that makes Emsculpt NEO so unique is that it’s currently the only FDA-cleared body sculpting treatment for fat loss. According to the Emsculpt NEO company, there has been FDA clearance for using this treatment to:

  • Improve core strength
  • Increase noticeable muscle tone in treated areas
  • Strengthen and tone the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and calves
  • Provide skin tightening benefits 

There have also been extensive studies and clinical trials around Emsculpt and Emsculpt NEO, which make it a safe and comprehensive treatment for patients looking for results. 

Safety and Efficacy of Emsculpt Treatment

Most patients who receive Emsculpt NEO treatment notice significant results after only one to four treatments. In one study, patients saw a significant 25% increase in muscle thickness and an average 30% decrease in fat throughout the targeted area. 

An earlier study conducted in 2018 found that HIFEM technology used in Emsculpt treatment effectively improves fat loss and enhances the cosmetic appearance of the abdomen and buttocks. This is possible with zero side effects. 

Emsculpt’s safety and efficacy doesn’t stop at cosmetic results alone. There have been studies on its primary technology, HIFEM, and its effectiveness on:

  • Strengthening weakened muscles and supporting injury recovery
  • Treating urinary incontinence 
  • Supporting abdominal and pelvic floor strengthening among postpartum women
  • Helping treat diastasis recti (abdominal separation)

These studies and trials are still in progress, although certain patients with the above conditions can often safely receive an Emsculpt NEO procedure for supportive treatment. Always ask your medical provider and Emsculpt professional if it’s a safe option for your situation. 

What Areas of the Body Can Emsculpt NEO Treat?

The FDA has cleared Emsculpt NEO to effectively treat:

  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Calves
  • Arms

There are other areas commonly treated in professional settings, such as the hips, back, and more.

Where to Receive Emsculpt NEO Treatment That Works

One of the top ways you can ensure results in both fat reduction and improved muscle mass is to find a professional, trained, and reputable Emsculpt provider. Whether you're seeking permanent fat loss or personal support to build muscle, the Emsculpt NEO treatment can be extremely helpful.

At Prime MD Plus, we combine the power of Emsculpt NEO body contouring treatment and medically-advised internal medicine to help you achieve your healthiest fitness goals. Our medical team works with you to support your diet, exercise, and wellness protocols that encourage longevity and make you feel your best.

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