Geriatric Care & Weight Loss Clinic In Dallas

At Prime MD Plus, we help patients feel healthier, stronger, and more confident. Using internal medicine and modern technology, our patients prevent memory loss, recover from urinary incontinence, improve core strength, and receive the health support they need.

Our practice helps the Dallas-Fort Worth community address medical needs in comprehensive and empathetic ways. Dr. Javvaji puts patients first, encouraging robust health without enforcing restrictive rules that limit their potential.

Getting healthy can be tough

Weight gain

Weight gain makes you more likely to fall, increases stress on joints, and negatively affects cardiovascular and brain health.

Changes in Your Body

Aging causes changes in multiple body systems, which can lead to issues with sexual health, urination, core strength, and memory.

Memory Loss

Many patients suffer from some form of memory loss as they age. Infections, dementia, and medication issues are some common causes of memory loss.

Let’s work together so you can look and feel your best

Lose Weight

Get help losing weight by optimizing your medication list, working on nutrition, and using the best possible weight loss medications for your body.

Support Your Body

Focus on preventative care to improve cardiovascular health. Diagnose and treat problems years before they become a big problem.

Improve Cognitive Function

Work with our doctor to diagnose and treat underlying medical issues causing memory loss. We help you improve your overall cognitive function.


10+ years of clinical experience

Best of the best doctor award

Thousands of hours spent with patients

Start Feeling And Looking Better

Everyone wants to be healthier and in good shape. But it can be difficult to stay motivated toward your fitness and health goals — especially as you age.

At Prime MD Plus, we know this. It’s the reason we utilize professional, sustainable, and non-harmful methods to help patients get more physically fit, while simultaneously supporting them toward healthier lifestyles.

We believe everyone deserves safe, non-invasive, and medically supported geriatric care. You don’t have to:

  • Suffer from memory loss when it could have been detected, treated, or even prevented.
  • Get invasive fat loss surgeries that demand excessive downtime and risks.
  • Rely on medications to improve urinary incontinence and overactive bladder with uncomfortable side effects.

We understand how frustrating it can be not to know what to do. That’s why it’s important to us that we first learn about your health goals and needs. We accelerate your wellness in a non-invasive way, minimizing medication requirements so that you can achieve your healthcare goals faster and easier.

  • Step 1 - Book an appointment
  • Step 2 - Talk to our doctor
  • Step 3 - Get treatment to start looking and feeling great

So book an appointment online or call for internal medicine, geriatric care, and more so you can stop unnecessary medical issues from developing and start looking and feeling better.

See how Prime MD Plus can help you


Book an Appointment

Schedule an appointment or give us a call to find out if we are a good fit for you


Initial Consultation

Speak with our double board-certified (internal medicine and geriatrics) doctor for a customized plan


Look and Feel Great

Eliminate the frustration you have with trying to improve your health or core strength using traditional methods


Prime MD Plus is a medical practice that provides modern primary and geriatric care. Our mission is to help people in the Dallas-Fort Worth community address medical needs in a comprehensive and understanding manner. We combine the latest internal medicine practices with advanced body-shaping solutions to help people age with confidence, dignity, and total wellness support.
Dr. Javvaji has worked in many healthcare settings led by systems that failed to put the patients first. She began her own practice so she could truly meet patients where they’re at, providing medical care and wellness plans that support every unique individual.
Today, Dr. Javvaji helps her patients achieve optimal health results with top-quality care. She is a double board-certified physician in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics. Her favorite part of being a doctor is helping patients look and feel better. She combines her medical services with safe, modern technologies that accelerate people’s health, fitness, and cosmetic goals.


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