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Weight loss for stomach in Dallas-Fort Worth; Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, or Weight Watchers, and when to choose medical weight loss?

Dr. Divya Javvaji, MD
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Obesity and weight gain are some of the biggest healthcare problems in the United States.

With almost two-thirds of the country either obese or overweight, there is a flurry of commercial healthy diet plans on the market.

On average, Americans spend nearly $2.5 billion on commercial diet plans every year.

That is a serious amount of money!

When it comes to commercial diet plans, there are a lot of options.

Every plan has a celebrity endorsing it and thousands of people crediting it for their amazing weight loss journey!

If you are new to all this, it can get confusing to pick the best plan. Well, we understand your plight and are here to help, as always!

In this article, we will be comparing the three most popular weight loss diet plans on the market- Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, and Weight Watchers.

All these diet plans have some great results and endorsements and can help you to get to a healthy weight.

We will take these plans and compare the good, the bad, and the ugly in each program.

We hope that by the end of this article, you will be able to pick a plan that suits you the best.

So, let’s begin!

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Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is the oldest diet plan on the market. It is still going strong with almost 45% of the market share.

One of the best things about Weight Watchers is that the program stood the test of several clinical trials.

According to a recent clinical trial done at Johns Hopkins University, individuals using this program have greater weight loss than people dieting independently.

After a year in the Weight Watchers program, the study also found that people lost 8 pounds on average.

Another great thing about this program is the fact that they have an excellent group support system.

Losing weight is always easier if you do it with a group of people.

It is refreshing to see that Weight Watchers acknowledges this fact and actively includes this feature. Their PointPlus program encourages healthy eating habits.

The program is not about counting calories but eating nutritionally dense food. Foods like fresh veggies and fruits carry zero points, and processed foods and candy bars carry high points.

The program is available as a 100% online version, a weekly meeting plus an online version, and one-on-one support plus an online version.

Although the online version does not have a direct group consultation benefit, it is the cheapest per week.

The one-on-one with the online plus program is the costliest.

Pros of the program:

  • Encourages healthy eating habits. People of Weight Watchers maintain healthy eating habits even after exiting the program.
  • There is a big community of Weight Watchers customers. It is easy to find a meeting in almost any small town or city. The plan does not starve you. If you are not starving, the probability of sticking to the program is high.
  • The program works well for people who can’t do rigorous exercises. It is ideal for people looking to lose weight naturally without drastically modifying their lifestyle.
  • There are many ways to access the program. There are meetings, an online website, and a mobile app as well.

Cons of the program:

  • It takes time to lose weight using the Weight Watchers program. As the program is all about eating healthy, there is no calorie restriction. So, you won’t lose weight very quickly. However, because of this very fact, you will be able to keep the weight down for a long time.
  • There is not much emphasis on exercise.
  • Entering the points online or in the app can be tedious.
  • You must pay extra to attend meetings and one-on-one sessions.

The Weight Watchers verdict

Weight Watchers is an excellent program for people who are willing to wait and have patience. If you are prepared to alter your activity level and still lose weight drastically (and decrease your body mass index), this program is for you!

Jenny Craig

The Jenny Craig system is also very popular. It has stood the test of time and has been around for over 30 years.

At its core, the Jenny Craig system is a calorie and fat-controlled diet system.

The philosophy behind this diet plan is to reduce portion sizes and cut down the fat and calories.

You will be required to purchase prepackaged meals that contain the correct proportions.

You will be eating only the supplied meals throughout the plan. No other food is allowed.

The program also relies on counseling.

There are over 600 Jenny Craig centers nationwide that offer to counsel people on a diet.

The program also provides online and one-on-one counseling via telephone to members.

The Jenny Craig system offers several pricing options as follows:

Plan 1: $12.99 per day for a week’s worth of breakfast and lunch

Plan 2: $20.78 per day for a week’s worth of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as free delivery

Plan 3: $23.39 per day for everything in plan 2 plus a week’s worth of snacks and personal coaching

Pros of the program:

  • Packaged food automatically limits your portion size and calorific intake. You will no longer need to count your calories, unlike the Weight Watchers program.
  • The prepackaged food is delivered to your door. It can’t get any simpler to plan a meal! No need to cook or clean. Just microwave and eat the food. And according to many sources, the food is tasty!
  • The diet plan is tailored for you. It is not a one-plan-fits-all approach like the weight watchers program.
  • The support is good. There are Jenny Craig centers all across the country, and if you can’t find one, you can call in or get help online.
  • The plan encourages steady and gradual weight loss. It is healthier to maintain weight even after you exit the program.

Cons of the program:

  • Although the food is delicious for many, you may not like it at all. If you are a picky eater, you may have a hard time with this plan.
  • It is almost impossible to find Jenny Craig food without common allergens, including soy, nuts, and gluten.
  • The cost of the food and the membership can quickly add up. It costs significantly more than cooking for yourself.
  • People may find it difficult to maintain weight after the program ends as they start eating ‘real world’ food.

The Jenny Craig verdict

Jenny Craig is a significantly costlier option compared to, say, Weight Watchers. That being said, it is ideal for someone who is looking for an all-inclusive plan.

With this plan, you don’t need to cook or choose your meal. Although the program is costly, it has some real potential.


The philosophy of the Nutrisystem plan is to cut down calories and high glycemic index foods. The system is very much like the Jenny Craig system.

Nutrisystem also supplies prepackaged meals. The plan calls for five meals a day at regular intervals.

There are separate programs for men and women and people with different dietary preferences. There is also a program for type II diabetes patients.

You have the liberty to pick and choose your meals within each plan or have the software selected for you.

The system has three subscription models.

  • Basic: In this plan, you will receive a Turbo10 plan for the first month, followed by diet packs every month. You will also gain access to online tools and trackers.
  • Core: It is the same plan as the basic, plus additional counseling via phone.
  • Uniquely Yours: It adds Nutrisystem’s premium frozen meals to the core plan.

The longer you stay on the system, the more you will end up paying. If you intend to lose 30 pounds in 3 months, Nutrisystem will set you back about $1200.

Pros of the program:

  • The prepackaged food means no need to plan and cook your meals.
  • The taste of the Nutrisystem food is good. I can personally vouch for that!
  • The diet plan is highly tailored. Even if you have a health condition like diabetes, there is a plan for you.
  • The Nutrisystem offers some solid support. There are a ton of online tools as well as personal one-on-one calls with diet consultants.
  • The plan encourages steady weight loss. The food is balanced, and you will have little problem maintaining your weight even after you exit the program.

Cons of the program:

  • As we saw with Jenny Craig, the prepackaged Nutrisystem food may not be the best-tasting food for you. If you are choosy, you may find it difficult to stick to Nutrisystem.
  • The cost! As we saw, it can take thousands of dollars to lose weight with this system.
  • Once you are in the system, it can get difficult to adjust to real-world food. There is always a chance to revert to your old, unhealthy eating habits.

The Nutrisystem verdict

Nutrisystem is a good diet plan that ensures that you healthily lose weight. The prepackaged meals are perfect if you are short on time or prefer not to spend hours picking the right foods.

However, the cost of the plan can be a bother for some people. If you are willing to cough up the cash, Nutrisystem is not a bad option.

Medical weight loss

When diet and exercise aren’t working, medical weight loss can provide you with the weight loss you are looking for. Medical weight loss typically refers to a variety of different weight loss treatments and procedures.

Weight loss surgery, also known as bariatric surgery, is one common type of medical weight loss treatment and includes surgeries like gastric sleeve surgery.

One of the most popular weight loss procedures is non-invasive medical weight loss.

This procedure uses special devices to deliver low-level waves of energy to the body, which break down fat cells and help the body to release them through the lymphatic system.

Non-invasive medical weight loss is a safe and effective way to help patients achieve their weight loss goals, and it has a very high success rate. 

No matter what approach is taken, a medical weight loss program is designed to help people lose weight in a safe and effective way.

Many medical weight loss programs are based on the principle of slow and steady weight loss, which means losing weight gradually over time.

This approach is often considered to be the safest and most effective way to lose weight, and it can help people to keep the weight off for good.

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Final thoughts

All three systems that we discussed have a proven track record. They all work and are effective.

Now, the choice comes down to your personal preference.

While Weightwatchers does an excellent job at encouraging healthy eating and offering group support, you must do a lot of work.

You will oversee your meals on Weight Watchers.

While on Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem, your meals are already prepackaged. You won’t have to fret about selecting the right foods.

However, you are limited to what the prepackaged meal is and will bear the extra cost.

In the end, the choice depends on you. If you are disciplined and willing to spend some time, go for Weight Watchers. It is cheaper and more flexible.

If you prefer the structured approach, pick either Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem.

If dieting is just not working for you, and you are in our area (Dallas-Fort Worth), you have probably searched for weight loss for stomach in Dallas-Fort Worth or medical weight loss in DFW.

If so, consider going to Prime MD Plus for medical weight loss or the new Emsculpt NEO platform, which is a non-invasive weight loss procedure that can help you burn fat, build muscle, and improve your core quickly without surgery or medication and with no downtime.

Prime MD Plus provides you with professional medical treatment for weight loss non-invasively, with or without medication. To learn more about losing weight effectively and the conditions we treat, visit our contact us page and schedule an appointment.

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